To maintain healthy growth of plants, it is very important to provide them optimal conditions for thriving viz. temperature, nutrients, fertilizers, sunlight and healthy soil. People around the world spend considerable amount of money so that they could get fruitful results through their plants. If you want to avail similar services then it is advised to purchase the genuine soil pH tester. After you purchase the product, it is essential to know about the surest way to use it for the proper growth of the plants.

How to do a proper pH test?

Primary preparation

Before using the tester on soil, it is advised to have equipments and safety measures. Proper equipments along with tester will help you to get exact reading about the pH level which in the long run will give you an idea about the things which you should add or regulate to maintain a proper pH level. You are advised to use clean containers for soil and gloves for gardening. It is advised to use zip lock bags to collect the sample of soil as they don’t allow contaminants to enter it.

Soil collection

The next step is to get proper soil collection which is considered as the most important event in pH test. You are required to avail soil from different places. This will help you to undertake proper measurement. You are advised to take the sample after displacement of two inch of soil from the top. It is also mandatory to remove any unwanted materials from the soil viz. rock, twigs, wood chip etc.

Commencing the test

You can perform either powder or liquid tests to get pH level. You are required to place the exact amount of liquid in a test tube and leave it for a while during the liquid test. For powder test, you are advised to mix proper amount of soil in distilled water and then let the solution settle before taking the reading.